5. CNC Mill

This week I worked with the CNC-Mill.Therefor I used a foam block, so I created a 3D Model of the foam and how it should look like.


I worked with Fusion360 and started with a rectangle, which I extruded. Then I added a few block and 3D like features, so my sketch looked like this:

The blue lines show the sketch behind the 3D Model. So after sketching the Model, I started with the SetUps for the project. In the SetUps I defined the cutting area. It firstly looked like this:

After that I made the heigth a little bit smaller, so it would have a smaller cutting area. Then I simulated the cutting process:

I used Adaptive Clearing (6mm flat end mill) as a cutting method, because in the sketch there wasn’t smaller pieces, so 6 mm would be fine. The Settings for the adaptive clearing were:

The model looked like this:

Also I hab to choose the drill piece of the Cutter in Fusion, so I selected the one I needed:

Then I measured the single parameter of this piece and set them up:
(You can see the Parameters in the Picture)

You can see, in the Simuation sketch on the left, that the cutting process starts a little bit out of the actual foam piece.So you have to set the origin point in the maschiene dependent to this.


The cutting process is similar to the PCB Cutting process last week. I attached the foam piece to the mill and set the XY Origins to the bottom left. It was important that the origins were half a length of the drill beneath the foam, like you could see in the simulation above:

Then I uploaded my file and started cutting. The rpm had to set to max (15000) and the speed was 100%. Then It started cutting:

Download here

It took a while, and in the first try the foam block went of the maschiene. I had to use a new foam block, attached the block with better tape and restart my try:

This time it worked and the final product looked like this:


Download here
Download Fusion File here