6. 3D Printing

3D Model

For the 3d Printer assignment this week, I printed a tealight for a candle. The 3d Model was made with Fusion360. Therefor I started the sketch with a sideview of the basic model. So I created a circle (the tealight should have a round form) and removed the parts I didnt need.

So after this I had the sideview. In the next step I rotated the sketch around the y-Axis and got the basic vessel for the tealight:


(Top view)

After this, I added a net structure, so I had to transform the normal body into a body with net structure:


With the following Settings:

(The new body)

The next Steop was reducing the netz, so it would look like a more random structure, which I could use as vessel at the end:

(Reduce menu in Fusion)

(New net structure)

After this I converted the net body back to normal:

So it looked like this:

Now I used the tube function to create the new body, which was going to be the tealight. Therefore I selected the inner lines and transformed them into tubes:

I chose 1mm as tube diameter, so I got the wished structure:

The finished tealight body looked like this:

In the next steps, I used the shown tool to change the holes in the body:

After this step th new body looked like this:

In the last step i added a cylinder as bottom of the tealight:

As last step I exported the model as a .stl File and opened it in Ultimaker Cura:

Here I choosed the printer I wanted to use (Ultimaker S5) and had a few Settings to make:

I used the support for the bottom side, so it wouldn’t break in. And I used less bottom layers, because I wouldn’t need that much. There I used more top layers, to be safe it keep its structure.


After slicing the model, I saved it on the stick and put it in the 3d printer. I selected the file and started printing.

The final printed tealigth:

After cutting away the support:


Download stl here
Download Fusionfile here
Download ufp here